Cecilia Gros
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Cecilia Gros  was born in the city of Buenos Aires (Argentina) on May 30th, 1963. She is a lecturer at the Ricardo Rojas Cultural Center, which belongs to the University of Buenos Aires, and also at a Music School belonging to the City Government. She is a member of the Argentine Forum of Composers and holds a Master degree in Argentine Culture.

Professional Training

National Teacher of music, specialized in piano. National Conservatory of Music Carlos Lopez Buchardo.
Senior Lecturer in Choral Direction.  Provincial Conservatory of Music Julian Aguirre.
Composition studies with the teachers Santiago Santero and Fernando Maglia.
Choral Studies with the teachers Nestor Andrenacci, Antonio Russo and  Vilma Gorini de Teseo among others.

Concerts as Composer

Cecilia Gros´s pieces have been premiered at the following places,  among others: National Conservatory Carlos Lopez Buchardo, National Classical Radio Auditorium, CBC Drago, UBA, Bin Manufacturing, Scala de San Telmo, Cultural Center of Spain in Buenos Aires, Jorge Luis Borges International Foundation , House of Culture, Government of the City of Buenos Aires, Cultural Center of Cooperation, Italian Circle, Isaac Fernández Blanco Museum, Palace of Fine Arts in Mexico City, Museum of Contemporary Art in the City of Morelia, Michoacán ( Mexico), Belgrano  Auditorium in Buenos Aires, Recoleta Cultural Center, Casa Fernandez Blanco, Conservatory of Music Amaniel (Madrid).

Broadcast  in the media as Composer

Several radio stations have broadcast her works, including National Classical Radio, Philharmonic Radio of Lima, Peru, Radio Universidad of Puerto Rico, National University of Rosario Radio, Canada International Radio, Cultura Musical Radio, and Phoenix Radio.
Some of her pieces can be found in the catalogue of the Municipal Fonoteca of Lisbon, Portugal ( )
The magazine “Music Sheets”, in charge of Mr. Claudio Mahmoud invited her to write as a composer for the issue number 39 of this magazine (2005).
The magazine “Music Sheets” recommended her CD  “80 minutes” in the issue number  60 (2009)
The magazine”Music Sheets” , in the issue number 75 ( 2012)
Story: Cecilia Gros, musical creation, read.(

Selected Works

In 2005, the trio Morelia, Mexico chamber ensemble consisting of Violin, Cello and Piano (Ernst von Siemens Foundation Prize in Germany) selected her “12 Microparts” to be part of its repertoire. This piece was premiered that year at the Ponce Hall in the Palace of Fine Arts in Mexico City. It was also played at the opening concert of the series “Mozart and our time” at the Contemporary Art Museum of the City of Morelia, Michoacán (Mexico)

Webpage  Trío Morelia,

In 2007, she took part as a composer of the “Sound installations for 34 Pianos –Garden of Delights”, organized by the IUNA (National College of Art) and the Cycle of Contemporary Music XIth edition held at the GCBA Theatre Complex

In 2008, she was a finalist at the Choral Composition Contest  organized by the Walbrook Singers (England). 136 choral works were submitted from composers hailing from England, America, Japan, Brazil, Russia, Italy and others. She was a finalist for the piece  “Years go by fast …”, together with 5 other composers.
Webpage Walbrook Singers

In 2009, her piece “Kaleidoscope” for Symphony Orchestra was selected by the National Symphony Orchestra of Argentina, and was premiered on June 18th, 2010, at the Belgrano Auditorium (City of Buenos Aires)

In 2011, her piece “Drops” won the First Prize at the International Composition Competition organized by the Crearte America Foundation (Bolivia)

 “La V de las Aves” (“The V of the birds”), for bandoneon and two cellos, was selected to take part in the NMXLM 2011, at ECUNHI., see
Nuevas Músicas por la Memoria (“New Music for Memory”) | Facebook

2012, “Reflexiones de un paseante solitario” (“The reveries of a solitary walker”), fourth walk, for piano and percussion, was selected to take part in the NMXLM 2012, at ECUNHI. See: “Otro sonido, la misma idea” (“Another sound, the same idea”),  entertainment.
Otro sonido, la misma idea – Página/12 :: espectaculos

“Reflexiones de un paseante solitario” (“The reveries of a solitary walker”), fifth walk, for three percussionists, was selected as part of the Universität Oldenburg Ensemble´s repertoire, in Germany.

“Reflexiones de un paseante solitario” (“The reveries of a solitary walker”), fourth walk, for piano and percussion, has received the TRINAC 2012 Award, from Fundación Encuentros Internacionales de Música Contemporánea (“International Meetings of Contemporary Music Foundation”), Argentine.

“Reflexiones de un paseante solitario” (“The reveries of a solitary walker”), fourth walk, for piano and percussion; winning the composition competition
University of Utah New Music Ensemble.

“La i” (“The i”) a cappella choral work to 8 mixed voices, was selected for the “Workshops for composers” in Contemporary Colon 2012, in charge of “Synergy Vocals” (England) and Santiago Santero. Assemble resident: “Nonsense Assembly”, vocal soloists.